Monday, June 13, 2011

Sonoma American & Mediterranean Grill - Oakley

Sonoma Grill is in the old Kona Bistro spot on Oakley Square.  It was a good pick for dinner on Friday night with another couple because the menu has both regular burger and fries type food and also more exotic Mediterranean items. 

As an appetizer, we tried the falafel (basically a chickpea hush puppy). It was okay - I used it mostly as a vehicle for the tahini sauce.  Kelly enjoyed the falafel all around though.  They also bring you pita bread with an olive oil dipping sauce.  The pita itself was good but the spices in the olive oil were really overwhelming.  We normally love olive oil with bread but the spices made it inedible.  


Olive Oil Blend

For our entrees, we both had the gyro ($7.95 including a side).  Thankfully, the gyro meat included both lamb and beef.  I'm always disappointed in a gyro without lamb.  The meat was seasoned very well and wasn't dry at all.  The only negative comment I have is that the tzatziki sauce was really heavy on the dill.  The sauce was almost pure green and it took away from the greek yogurt flavor.  Kelly had roasted cumin potatoes with his gyro - which he said were good when I asked but he didn't seem all that excited.  I had a side salad with their greek vinaigrette.  The vinaigrette was great and had chunks of feta in it.  The sald was a good size too.  We definitely felt the gyros were worth the price.  Sebastian's still reigns in the Cincinnati gyro world but these were a good option for the east side of town. 

Gyro & Roasted Cumin Potatoes
With an appetizer, two gyros and two pops, we made it out of there for under $30 - not bad.

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