Monday, April 18, 2011

Cumin - Hyde Park

We have been avoiding Cumin only because we are trying to be more economical when it comes to food.  When a friend came to visit last weekend though, and we would be going out anyway, we decided it was time to take the plunge.

Overall we liked Cumin and would go back.  Our dinner ran us over $100 but the portions were much larger than expected (fish excluded).  We tried two of their signature cocktails: Cocktail #1 (bourbon, bitters, absinthe, soda, lemon twist) and Jewel of Cumin (basically a cosmo).  Each were great - not too strong, not too sweet.  They ran $10 a piece though.  The Jewel of Cumin was definitely worth the price because it included the martini shaker with the excess.  It actually ended up being two full drinks worth. 

Kate ordered the mushroom cupcake salad (rosemary pine nut brittle, escargot, arugula parsley salad and garlic).  Needless to say the name is misleading.  I felt it was a little overpriced, too small, and generally underwhelming. 

Mushroom Cupcake Salad
We ordered garlic nan with goat cheese and spinach dip.  The nan itself was delicious and didn't need dip at all.  Not only did the dip come in a tiny dish, it was cold and didn't have much flavor.  Skip this dip.

Garlic Nan
For our entrees, Kate ordered the Stone Bowl with pork belly, tempura rock shrimp, roasted mushroom, and egg.  The egg was placed over easy on top of the bowl and the server cut it up at the table. It cooked before our eyes.  Very cool.  It was also huge!  Two people could easily share this and be stuffed.  We were all a little envious.  Kate won the entree round hands down. 

Stone Bowl
I ordered the lamb shank which came with cous cous, smoked eggplant and brussel sprout pesto.  The lamb itself was cooked very well.  All of the garnishes confused me though.  They didn't seem to merry well together.  I pretty much stuck to the meat and cous cous.

I can't figure out how to flip this so just turn your head
Jen ordered the sea bass which was served with baby potatoes, melted leeks, horeseradish oil, rutabegu urchin broth and red pearl sedum.  It was our only small portioned entree - but she said it was great.

Sea Bass
Kelly ordered the Dry Aged Prime Bone in Rib Eye.  As you can see below, the fries were served with a fried egg on top (delicious) and the garlic rosemary aioli was to die for.  The steak itself was huge (as big as Kelly's head - and he has a big head). 

Kelly said it was great - but also that it wasn't worth getting a second time.  He was eyeing the pork belly in Kate's dish.

Apparently I don't add these pictures correctly
Cumin was worth the trip - nothing like our pricey Honey disaster.  

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