Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ambar India - Clifton

One night recently we decided to make the trek to Clifton for Ambar India.  After dining here, we understand why everyone says you have to go for the food, not the service.  Our server was borderline annoyed with our presence.  Kelly didn't understand a word she said - not because her English was bad - but because she said everything very quickly and didn't look at us as she spoke.  As we tried to make quick decisions for her, she started looking around as if she were bored.  It was very odd.

Luckily, the food lived up the hype.  We ordered traditional nan with raita (mixture of potatoes, cucumbers and tomatoes in yogurt).  The nan was great with the light yogurt mixture.  We were skeptical about the addition of potatoes but they were such small pieces that it wasn't overwhelming or heavy.  We ordered Tandoori Chicken, which came with dal soup (mild lentil soup).  I've seen dal made on the new cooking channel and it looked extremely labor intensive - so not something we are going to find the time to do at home.  It was very mild and the spices blended together nicely. 

Really bad picture - we were too hungry to wait
The Tandoori Chicken was so tender - it could not have been cooked better.  It was served on a plate of sauteed bell peppers and onions.  Fresh tomatoes were also included (as a garnish? I didn't understand because the other vegetables were coooked).  Regardless, it was delicious. However, as I am a condiment/sauce person at heart, I should have ordered a curry.

We also ordered Lamb Rogan Josh (lamb cooked in tomato sauce with a touch of yogurt).  Kelly says it was one of the best things he had ever eaten.  I'm not sure I would go that far but it was definitely delicious.  It wasn't spicy at all and the yogurt gave the sauce an unexpected creaminess.  The lamb just fell apart - it was wonderful.  We highly recommend this dish. 

The rice served with the dishes was probably the best rice we have ever eaten.  Whatever you do, get some rice.

Overall we liked this restaurant.  The service was terrible, and if we lived closer to Clifton we would get carryout.  We are pretty good tippers, but I have to say it was hard leaving a tip for that girl.  I hope they split tip money with cooks.  Nonetheless - we will be back.

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