Monday, March 14, 2011

TOM+CHEE - Downtown

A co-worker and I snuck out for lunch last week in order to try TOM+CHEE's infamous grilled cheese sandwiches.   I had the restaurant built up in my mind for quite some time so I have to admit that my expectations were high. 

We walked in at 12:15 on a Friday afternoon.  I anticipated having to wait a long time but there were only two people in line and we were able to snag the last open table in the place.  Our food came within minutes and it was piping hot. 

I tried a grilled cheese on sourdough with only cheddar and gouda.  The bread was delicious - crispy and loaded with butter.  The cheese was great also - the gouda seemed smoked (although it didn't say that on the menu).  I almost always love a tomato bisque so I also ordered a bowl of creamy tomato soup.  It was absolutely terrible!  I gave it the three bite rule and when I still didn't like it - the soup was tossed.  The creamy tomato concept was there -  clearly parmesan, cream and tomato soup were in that bowl together- but it wasn't blended or something.  It looked like cream and a handful of cheese was thrown in before serving.  It was really really bad.  

My co-worker had a fancy grilled cheese with turkey, pesto, and mozzarella.  It also came on sourdough.  It was definitely more interesting than my plain grilled cheese - and the combination of mozzarella and pesto never disappoints.  I'm not a lover of hot turkey sandwiches though - so the meat ruined it for me.  I would have preferred just cheese and pesto, with a tomato thrown in there.  Anyway, she liked it alright but wasn't blown away.  I should also mention that she found my soup more edible than I did.

TOM+CHEE is definitely worth a try - my total was only $5.33 with both sandwich and soup.  I can't say I recommend the creamy tomato soup though.

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