Monday, March 28, 2011

Lavomatic - Over the Rhine

On Friday we were down in Over the Rhine at the Art Academy to see my brother's senior exhibit (see picture below - this painting is for sale - shameless plug) and decided we were finally going to try Senate - the Lobster BLT has been calling our names for quite some time.  We walked over about 8:30 but it was packed and there was an hour wait for a four top. We hadn't eaten since lunch so that wasn't going to work.  

Instead, we headed across the street to lavomatic and were seated within 10 minutes.  To be fair - we were a little crabby.  It was a late dinner and we were hungry  (hungry = crabby).
We ordered the salad special (arugula, beets, blackberry vinaigrette,  and I don' t remember what else).  My mom said it was delicious - but it looked a little small for an entree.  My aunt ordered the fish special - which I didn't pay much attention to because I was starving - but I did get a picture (Ellen can you comment with details if you remember the dish?).
Kelly ordered the burger which supposedly had goetta on it (although neither of us could really taste it).  He also upped his order with a side of fries - which never came...   He said the burger was pretty good all around.  I ordered the dinner portion of the lobster mac and cheese.  It included shell pasta with monterey jack and cheddar cheeses, and a small amount of bread crumbs for texture on top.  I have to say it was great - although it could have used more lobster. 

A few issues we had at lavomatic included: (1) they forgot the fries (2) they transferred someone else's bar tab onto our check and (3) it was so loud upstairs that we couldn't hear each other.  My mom had to take advil in the middle of the meal because the noise gave her a headache.  I also noticed that the table next to us sent two burgers back - I didn't hear everything but they said something about it being cold in the middle. 

Overall, lavomatic was just ok.  I'm still eyeing the Lobster BLT across the street. 

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