Friday, January 21, 2011

Nada - Brunch

Nada recently began serving brunch.   It has been the talk of the town for a while now, so we decided to give it a shot.  We didn't know what to expect, but assumed it couldn't be bad considering their dinner menu is amazing.

Unfortunately, we found the selection to be a little disappointing.  The menu has about eight breakfast dishes, but only the french toast did not incorporate some type of meat.  It was clearly put on the menu to appease customers that weren't interested in a meaty savory brunch - but what about those people that are in the mood for something eggy, but don't eat a lot of meat?  It just isn't there.  Overall, Nada's brunch is great for meat lovers that want something besides bacon and eggs. 

Also, and this is random, but we were hoping for a twist on the traditional Mexican dish called chilaquiles (fried tortillas with eggs, cheese and salsa - breakfast nachos!).  We would have been all over that.  Do they have a suggestion box?

For our meal, we had the chorizo and egg enchiladas ($11) (self explanatory) and the pork green chili burrito ($12) (egg, potato, braised pork, green chili sauce).  The enchiladas were great but we missed the egg flavor.  Maybe our particular enchildas had less egg than normal.  Not sure...but I don't think we would have noticed if the egg wasn't there at all. The chorizo was flavorful and not too spicy.  Put the diablo sauce on the side though because it is very very hot.  The pork at Nada is always cooked perfectly, and this burrito did not disappoint.  It was more lunch than breakfast like though.  I personally prefer that Mexican burrito dish at Teller's, which actually tastes like brunch.

This was worth a try, but we would rather spend the $30 on another fancy brunch out.  Our love for nada remains however, and we will continue to visit for dinner. 
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